Focus on the Accidents and Support Services in Hong Kong

A Registered Non-Profit Organization with Hong Kong Government

About Us

wps2 Introduction

“Help Actually” Association, a registered non-profit organization with Hong Kong Government, was founded on 9 December 2008, and recognized as a charity organization on 27 April 2009. “Help Actually” endeavors to help those injured in accidents and their families, with a wide range of services, from traffic accident, industrial injury, occupational disease to medical errors and accidents caused by the third party’s negligence.


wps2 Mission

The mission of “Help Actually” is to provide care and support to accident injured and their families; including providing counseling on medical care and individual rights, helping make a complaint for the injured or for the bereaved, assisting in recovery through legal channels, and lodging a claim against the related party or insurance company. “Help Actually” is also devoted in avoiding workplace accidents by promoting occupational safety awareness, implementing preventive actions and reporting social problems to related governmental authorities.


wps2 Objectives

Due to insufficient knowledge of accident-related rights and responsibilities, many victims lose their legal benefits after the accidents. In view of this situation, the association assists the injured and the bereaved families in dealing with their lose. We help them demand compensation from the third party or claim on the insurance, but also encourage the citizen to use the legal aid of the government. “Help Actually” is willing to assist the injured person with their complaints and application for related government service as well as their appeal against the occupational safety and accidents. If you are the one injured in an accident, our association, your “Help Actually”, will definitely hold no hesitation to provide assistance necessary.


“Help Actually” is committed to promote occupational safety awareness and to support those injured person in medical care, family life and career development. And further the association also provides support services including free seminars, referral services, employment arrangement as well as rehabilitation counseling, with the view of raising public awareness about the significance of occupational safety and prevent accidents from happening.