Focus on the Accidents and Support Services in Hong Kong

A Registered Non-Profit Organization with Hong Kong Government

Foundation Fund

Help Actually Foundation Fund

Accidents are hard to be avoided; a serious accident will probably cause irreversible physical injury, and even disability. The person who is injured from an accident will not only lose their working abilities, but also suffer an economic hardship to pay for the medical cost and living expenses. In order to help more of those in need, “Help Actually Foundation Fund” has been providing service since 2011, with the aim to give timely financial support to the injured and families with low-income, or to financially assist those in need for emergency medical care and to donate for artificial limbs.

wps2 Assistance Scope of the Foundation


  • * Relief payment
  • * Economic aid
  • * Wheelchair or other assistance aids donation
  • * Orphan foster-caring
  • * Emergency medical costs
  • * Other medical expenses, such as disfigure and fire burn. Etc

wps2 Applicant Criteria


  • 1.      Hong Kong resident
  1. 2.      Victims sustaining injury in accidents (no restriction on the cause of injury, including natural disaster, injury inflicted by third party and/or caused by negligence of any party)
  • 3.      Applicant should be the victim or his/her family members duly authorized by the victim
  • 4.      Persons (from low-income families) eligible to apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme or any assistance of similar kind from the Social Welfare Department
  • 5.      Help Actually has absolute discretion to approve the applications and amount of assistance from the Foundation Fund to ensure that applicants genuinely in need can obtain appropriate financial assistance

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