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Help Actually Care Ambassador, Sherman Chung visit injured and give him a ultra-lightweight Wheel Chair
Mr. Wong is 44. Ten years ago, Mr. Wong was a motorcycle enthusiast who loved riding his bike everywhere. That year, because of a serious accident, he lost the ability to do what he loved. He was on his way home when it happened; in a sudden and unfortunate turn of events, he crashed head on with a truck. The impact sent him and his motorcycle flying to the ground, severely damaging his chest and spine. Mr. Wong was left paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. After the accident, Mr. Wong went through a very difficult time of transition, but for his family, he endured and persisted. He worked hard to learn independence and self-sufficiency in an effort to reduce the stress and strain of responsibility on his family. He did not want to be a burden to them. Though he can no longer ride a motorcycle, he still wants to be able to drive a car and be independently mobile without reliance on his family. To do that, he needs an ultra-lightweight wheelchair that will allow him to easily get in and out of a car on his own. Unfortunately, the accident robbed him of his ability to work, and now, Mr. Wong survives on a monthly Higher Disability Allowance of only $3,000. When Help Actually learned of Mr. Wong’s situation, we wanted to help him realize his dream. Through our Help Actually Foundation Fund, we were able to donate an ultra-lightweight wheelchair to Mr. Wong and have our Help Actually Care Ambassador, Sherman Chung made him a special visit on 3 Nov 2014, in support of his perseverance and positive attitude on life.