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Help Actually Care Ambassador, Sherman Chung visit injured and give him a ultra-lightweight Wheel Chair
Mr. Wong is 44. Ten years ago, Mr. Wong was a motorcycle enthusiast who loved riding his bike everywhere. That year, because of a serious accident, he lost the ability to do what he loved. He was on his way home when it happened; in a sudden and unfortunate turn of events, he crashed head on with a truck. The impact sent him and his motorcycle flying to the ground, severely damaging his chest and spine. Mr. Wong was left paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. After the accident, Mr. Wong went through a very difficult time of transition, but for his family, he endured and persisted. He worked hard to learn independence and self-sufficiency in an effort to reduce the stress and strain of responsibility on his family. He did not want to be a burden to them. Though he can no longer ride a motorcycle, he still wants to be able to drive a car and be independently mobile without reliance on his family. To do that, he needs an ultra-lightweight wheelchair that will allow him to easily get in and out of a car on his own. Unfortunately, the accident robbed him of his ability to work, and now, Mr. Wong survives on a monthly Higher Disability Allowance of only $3,000. When Help Actually learned of Mr. Wong’s situation, we wanted to help him realize his dream. Through our Help Actually Foundation Fund, we were able to donate an ultra-lightweight wheelchair to Mr. Wong and have our Help Actually Care Ambassador, Sherman Chung made him a special visit on 3 Nov 2014, in support of his perseverance and positive attitude on life.
Accident Causes Victim to Suffer Serious Brain Injury
29-year old Mr. So was involved in a serious accident back in 2006, causing his life to be changed forever. At that time, Mr. So was accidentally hit by a taxi on the road and suffered numerous bone fractures and serious brain injury. For a long period of time, he was unconscious and underwent numerous surgeries in order to survive. Because of his brain injury, he lost the ability to speak and move around, so he must now depend on his parents’ care and get around using a wheelchair. Once an optimistic, active man with a career as a cameo actor, Mr. So not only became disabled after the accident, he also became introverted with a feeling of loneliness and, losing hope towards life. Help Actually visited Mr. So and his family in March and May of 2012 and understood about his past, health condition, and psychological state. Help Actually felt immense sympathy for Mr. So’s loss of hope and wishes that he will regain confidence and optimism so that his health will improve. Help Actually helped arrange for Mr. So with the body movement exams and wheelchair training in the hospital. Gradually, Mr. So’s health conditions have improved, and the recover-ability of his four limbs is positive as well. He can now communicate through simple words and slight movement of his limbs. Mr. So hopes that he can take care of himself, independently participate in activities and work, volunteer in his free time, become a useful person, minimize the burden of his parents, and stand up once again with full recovery. Help Actually also decides that through the Help Actually Foundation Fund, we will donate a highly advanced electric wheelchair to Mr. So, hoping that he will optimistically regain confidence and establish a new life in addition to participating in societal activities. Help Actually hopes that he will face life positively and have hope in his recovery, create miracles in his life, and through his life story, to encourage others who are going through a tough time.