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wps2 Traffic Accident

Traffic accidents happen almost every day in Hong Kong. Because of drivers’ carelessness, innocent citizens suffer from tragic injuries, casualties, medical costs, and loss of valuable time. If these sufferings cause victims to have psychological impacts that negatively influence their daily lives, they can claim full compensation from the parties at fault, including related careless drivers and the vehicles’ insurance company or owner.

wps2 Industrial Accident

Rights and Interests of Work injuries (information from HK Labour Department)


Under Employees’ Compensation Ordinance, it is stipulated that all employers are required to take out insurance policies for regardless of whether the employees are working full-time or part-time. An employee is to be paid compensation in respect of injuries sustained as a result of an accident arising out of. (item as follow) 

  • A. Allowance of sick leave (sick leave payment)  
  • B. Allowance of Medical (Medical Expenses) 
  • C. Compensation for fatal cases and permanent total incapacity (assessment of the permanent loss of his earning capacity)

An employee is entitled to receive 4/5 monthly earnings payments during the period of temporary incapacity (sick leave) up to 24 months. If the employee’s temporary incapacity lasts more than 24 months, he/she may apply to the court for an extension of his entitlement for the payment. 

He/She can bring a civil case according to the employer or people involve in the case with negligence, except pay statutory compensation.

wps2 Medical Negligence

Medical negligence occurs when medical practitioners (such as doctors, nurses, and hospital employees) cause the deaths or injuries of patients during medical procedures because of their mistakes or carelessness. The victim or the victim’s family can file complaints and take further action against the medical practitioners at fault (including doctors, nurses, and hospital employees) or the medical practitioners’ insurance company.

wps2 Other Accidents caused by Third Party Negligence

Accidents are often unexpected. Every person has to face the possibility of facing such unexpected accidents, such as slipping in a restaurant, falling debris from skyscrapers, and other unimaginable accidents. For the majority of time, victims feel that their mishaps and injuries are caused by poor luck. But these victims’ rights are actually very similar to transportation and work accidents. You can similarly find justice if you know how to protect and fight for your own rights.

wps2 Procedure