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The Donation of Prosthetics to Mr. Zhou

Ten years ago, Mr. Zhou had his left leg amputated because of an accident and he can only rely on a prosthetic limb to move. In 2011, Mr. Zhou received a grant from the Help Actually to replace the old prosthetic with the one with high-performance.

Referral of Mr. Kwok's Case from the Labour Department

In January 2015, Help Actually received a direct referral from the Commissioner for Labour regarding Mr. Kwok and his work injury case. Following a series of visits from our volunteers in order to understand and assess Mr. Kwok's injury and the overall situation. In April 2015, the Help Actually Foundation Fund granted emergency funds to assist Mr. Kwok in overcoming short term economic challenges. Furthermore, our volunteers will be helping Mr. Kwok apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance.

Visit Mr Mak, he stepped on a nail

Mr. Mak accidentally stepped on a nail with his left foot while working with cargo containers in 2012. The wound became inflamed and the bacterial infection festered for a while before finally requiring for an amputation. Help Actually first visited Mr. Mak in December 2013 to learn more about his situation and physical condition. Over the course of a year, Help Actually made regular follow-up visits to check up on his progress and provide support. Because of the accident, Mr. Mak lost his job and suffered financially. He became extremely frustrated and disheartened, worried if he would ever regain his mobility. Through hospital authorities, Help Actually learned that Mr. Mak’s situation could be aided with a prosthetic leg. Hoping that regaining the ability to walk again would help restore Mr. Mak’s confidence, Help Actually – through the Help Actually Foundation Fund, has donated the funds to fit Mr. Mak with a prosthetic limb. Unfortunately, because Mr. Mak is diabetic, the wound is healing slower than expected and currently not in the optimal condition for the prosthetic limb. However, Help Actually is regularly checking in with Mr. Mak and hopes he will soon be able to start using his prosthetic limb and begin rebuilding his confidence and his life.

Help Actually visit Ms. Leung and sending along supplies and food

In 2008, Ms. Leung slipped and fell at work, which caused the injuring of her hip and ankle. At the time of the fall, she did not feel any discomfort, so she ignored it and did not seek for treatment. She continued to work as usual, standing for long periods without rest, unknowingly injuring herself further. In recent years, Ms. Leung began feeling abnormal ankle pain. As the increasing pain became debilitating, she went for an examination and found that her hip and pelvic bone had deteriorated severely, causing intensive ankle pain. Her condition was so serious that she was immediately scheduled for a surgery to insert a steel plate into the affected area. Help Actually recently visited Ms. Leung to check up on her progress, sending along supplies and food to ease the burden of her everyday life. Help Actually will continue to follow-up Ms. Leung’s case regularly, to provide her with as much support as she needs.

Aid and Volunteer Recruitment

With the help of volunteers, we can use our resources more effectively, save money and help more people with accidental injuries. Our volunteers include retirees, students, transferees and employees without age restrictions or professional requirements. We will distribute our work to our volunteer friends according to their abilities, interests, abilities and institutional workload.

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